Ricky Teal: Founder




How did I come to find myself surrounded by these wonderful people? How did Sparrow Ranch grow from a tiny seed in my spirit to the ministry it is today? To answer these questions, you must go on a journey with me.


A close family member of mine moved to a foreign country around 2004 to start a new business venture. I have not seen or talked to him since he moved.


I received a strange phone call around 11 pm one night in January 2015. I answered, heard his

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Matt & Stephanie Sampers:
13055403_1594887514156418_3977020683172115183_nOur special needs story started around 2012. Our middle child was diagnosed with autism just before his third birthday. At the time we didn’t know a thing about Autism Spectrum Disorder let alone any special need diagnosis. The day of the diagnosis our lives became this roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences. The day we toured his school that he would be starting at age 3, it all became real. It would begin the long road of ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and doctor visits. It sparked a passion in my wife and me for those with special needs and being a voice for our son with ASD. Seeing the struggles those with ASD had, I wanted to start a special needs ministry in our church but was so lost as to where to even begin. We didn’t see it right away, but God definitely had a reason for everything. 

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