Sparrow Ranch on the Island is a Christ-centered ministry designed for those with special needs and their families. We have large themed events lasting all day with fun, food and games. As the sun begins to set, everyone gathers on the sand by the water. The tiki torches light up and guests dance to the sound of the waves rolling off the rocks. It’s here where treasures are discovered as our friends with special needs engage the crowd in an amazing time of worship through the art of music, storytelling, sign language and well just things words cannot describe. Sparrow Ranch on the Island is a place cultivated in love. It is planted in unique seeds deemed broken by many. Here, they are nurtured to bloom revealing the depths of Gods Glory. From the moment you arrive at the tropical oasis on the sandy shores of Lake Wylie you will feel the love and be greeted with a southern gentle breeze and the sound of laughter.

  1. Seeking First the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness
  2. Creating an avenue for friends with special needs to shine the light of Jesus to the world
  3. Share our vision through a global plan that meets each culture where they are with the understanding that love will always win

Sparrow Ranch on the Island is raising money for our events coming in 2019. With the recent growth and interest across the country, we feel the need to expand our vision in other locations. We plan on working with local churches to plant this unique vision so it can flourish and reveal the depths of God’s Glory through our friends with special needs. Your money directly helps expand our ministry and helps our outreach grow effectively.



Is my donation tax deductible?

Sparrow Ranch is a registered non profit! 100% of donations will go to fund the mission of Sparrow Ranch. Therefore, your donation is considered a taxable deduction.

What percentage of donations actually go to help the children?

Great question! We are passionate about helping these kids. 100% percentage of all proceeds and donations go to fund Sparrow Ranch activities and events for the children. All workers are volunteers and give selflessly of their time at no cost.

What are your needs?

We have a wide variety of needs that may change depending on the needs of our kids or the events we are sponsoring. If you wish to help, we invite you to donate financially or contact us and we will tell you what our specific needs are at that time. Donating your time is ALWAYS welcome as well.

Can I also donate my time?

Absolutely! We welcome volunteers to help as much as possible after they pass our screening process. We certainly could not do what we do without the help of others. This is also a great thing to involve your teenagers with as it cultivates a sense of purpose and giving.

Please email with any questions!

Can I donate automatically each month?

Yes! We will setup your donation to automatically bill your credit card each month. All processing is handled by PayPal. We do not store any of your financial information.